I am so happy about my new blog’s layout. It seems as if everything’s lighter, i sure hope my entries would be lighter as well. So, my batchmates turned LaSallites are now having thier first day of school. I wonder how it went..=)
Well,don’t let my new blog layout fool you. Im still pretty much involved in the “issues” of the society. Like the unfair commercialism, how bad the economy is and how much I want GMA to be impeached.But im not in the mood to talk about that right now. Hehehe=)
I called my school awhile ago and I just got hold of the fact that I will be having Saturday classes. Excuse the ignorance but I thought my school didn’t have Saturday classes. Wahaha, i could be so stupid sometimes.=’p
I wonder why when I check my blog and click on the view profile nothing comes out. I filled in all the necessary information needed but nothing came out. Boo-hoo. This whole new-age technology thing is way too foreign to me.
anyway,just continue reading and leaving your comments they’re very much appreciated=)