On Relationships


(Disclaimer: One of Many)

“In the past months, I’ve been consumed by my relationships with people other than someone special. I used to think that a relationship with a significant other was the only one that would make me happy, but as I look at the relationships that I’ve invested in lately: God, friends, family and colleagues, I realized that I don’t need one to make me feel whole. Instead, I take the bits and pieces of these relationships and they’re enough to sustain me.

I’m no hypocrite, I do great scared. I want that crazy love to drive me insane from my head all the way to my toes, i’m afraid that while i’m busy saving other people, i’m slowly missing out.

But you know, saving people, in a really absurd way saves me too, because when you love people, you learn a lot about yourself as well. And you improve. You get up each day and you become a better version of yourself.

And that’s just fabulous, because when that time finally comes, then I won’t screw it up.”