Oops, I said that?


So I was in the shower this morning and in the middle of my shampoo and conditioner I remembered a brilliant conversation I had a little over two weeks ago.

Or at least, I thought it was brilliant at that time.

However as I went through the conversation (I know, what a weird time to piece through it!), I realized some mishaps I’ve had during the almost five hour conversation and I almost melted from humiliation, I wanted to smack the conditioner bottle to my head and at one point, after rinsing, I did scream, “I cannot believe I said that!”
What is it with me and older “people”? Why can’t I get my act together and talk too much when I like a person? Most of the things I say are stupid, plain and simple!
So as I basked into the cold water this morning and wondered why this always happened to me.
I blush. I laugh a little too hard and I crack really corny jokes.
I don’t get it, I grew up with “people” so why do I talk nonsense around ones that I really like?
It’s embarassing, I hope I don’t bump into that person anytime soon.