Who says being alone meant that you’re lonely?


This week went by so fast.

Yes, dear friends, I have been working haaa-rrrdd and all I ever have time to write are little nothings that match my mood and sentiments.

So just in case you’ve been in a rathole in the past week, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard or even watched the videos of the now infamous, Dr. Hayden Kho and several sexy stars/starlets.

It’s funny because the culture we have does not appreciate those videos and yet, they’re spreading like wildfire.

In my whole 20 years of existence, I’ve never seen anything as shocking or as malicious as that (again, maybe it’s just me!). I couldn’t even go through the whole thing because it was too sad. And who am I to comment on it?

I really wouldn’t be shocked out of my mind if it were just the sexy stars (no offense, but isn’t that what they’re supposed to do??) but I feel for two girls: his girlfriend (who is just stupid if you ask me, but who am I to say?) and his ex-girlfriend who is on the verge of becoming the next big thing.

It’s sad because these two girls really fell in love with him and this whole scandal just made me shudder.

Are all men like that?

Of course, I give credit where its due, there are good men out there but in reality, there are more Haydens than good men.

Of course not all are as psychotic or extreme as Hayden, but most men would rather treat thier girlfriends like dirt than treat them right.

And for a girl who has never been in a relationship of any sort, its scary.

If most men are like that, then what would be left of the world?

This whole scandal, although it’s no way related to me, made me think and reevaluate certain things in my life.

I’d rather be alone than be with a guy who doesn’t even care about me.

I’d rather be alone than be with a guy who would physically or verbally abuse me.

My parents raised me well and worked so hard to make sure that I have the best in everything and for a guy to simply take advantage of me or put me down so he can feed his ego, then I don’t think that’s wise or right.

And another thing, why are girls so afraid to be alone that they’d rather enjoy sucky relationships and suffer even though it brings nothing but unmerited pain?

My view may change in the near future, but really, you’re wonderful, beautiful and smart, what do you need a second rate man for????????????????????

Ladies, it’s time to get out of that relationship that only causes destruction around the same time for you to stop wishing for a guy to be there to make you feel complete.

I’m not a hypocrite, I’m also talking about me but this realization, this liberating feeling of being complete on your own instead of constantly seeking the approval of a man who doesn’t even deserve it.

A prince would come to compliment us and not complete us.