I really didn’t want to write and not because I didn’t want to release the anger and pain in my life but because for the first time in a long time, I’ve found it difficult to find the words to say what’s killing me inside my heart.

However, i’ve been reading a book by John Ortberg and for the past couple of days something inside me has been nagging me to go ahead and just write about what I’ve learned so far from the book.

For one thing, it talks about God’s calling for our lives and it has nothing to do with power, security or our job title. Instead it has everything to do with what God wants for us and our purpose.

Before I ventured into teaching full time, I’ve always thought that in order for me to be defined as successful I’d have to have the title and the career in corporate to
back it up. I’ve always been tricked into thinking that if it’s not a corporate job it won’t make much sense.

That was how I felt before I let go of my two year “corporate” job and then I realized that life could be good and we can stop struggling and going against what the Lord has planned just because we want to prove that we’re worthy or successful in the eyes of the world.

It feels good to be in a place where God wants you to be because that’s when supernatural things happen that is when everything breaks through and you’re amazed at how wonderful things are.

Each one has a purpose. The purpose of another isn’t what is meant for the other. Yes another person’s calling may seem better but if we put ourselves in their shoes it wouldn’t make much sense simply becase we weren’t empowered or designed to be there.

It takes a lot of maturity to understand but once you get it, it’s beautiful.