Rediscovering Single


I was in the grocery today, staring longingly at a Twix bar and trying to explain to it while I can’t buy it when I was distracted by this, “kasi alam mo hindi ako bitter, okay lang talaga”

She said this while clutching desperately two Matadors, a signal, if anything that she is not okay. Suddenly it’s admit all the girls who heard her remained silent, as if they all felt her pain and denial.

While I continued to try and avoid eavesdropping, my eyes landed on the latest cosmopolitan cover and it said, “I’m hot and single” so I impulsively picked it up because this was new, cosmo usually brainwashed girls into getting guys. Was this the revolution that we’ve all been looking for?

In the day and age of Carrie Bradshaw, I’d like to think that more girls are educated enough to live without men and stop being controlled by their foolish games.

And still, I come across women like little miss matador every single day.

Cosmo reports that 84% of filipinas they surveyed are single and it’s because more women are pressured by society to have a career and become independent.

Which is a good thing. Women are smarter now and wiser, however, behind every smart woman is a jack*** who broke her heart so she turned over to the dark side and fell in love with her career instead, which for me is probably one of the best things a girl could ever do.

I admire women who are independent, driven and sassy. Angelina Jolie exuded it well before Brad Pitt and i’ve always admired her way of doing things.

And when I talk about smart women, I don’t mean women who date around or women who sleep around just because they want to feel good about themselves and they want to prove that they can “date and dash” the way men do.

Eventhough this women have a million and one men trailing after them, they’re actually the weak ones. The ones who don’t have confidence to be ALONE, they constantly spend their time beautifying themselves just because they want to lure a guy.

An indepedent woman doesn’t allow a guy to use her because it makes her feel in control when in truth she is simply being laughed at behind her back. These are the girls that tend to settle for less because who would be with a girl who’s been with everyone?

An independent woman knows what she deserves and never settles for less. Women who run their lives are the real independent women who are meant to be celebrated and although they have had their own share of heartaches and mistakes, they don’t continue to find their validation in men.

That’s how a woman should be. God created our bodies not to lure men into sin but instead to bring people closer to Him.

A strong woman can stand alone, focusing on het fabulous self, family and friends.

A smart woman never steals another woman’s man.

And a truly independent woman doesn’t sleep around because indepedence isn’t about that at all.

Independence is being smart enough to know that a guy who treats you like trash doesn’t deserve anything from you, not even a reply.

The mindshift is changing. I’m proud of my ladies who know what this means, you are beautiful and a real man would know that.

So go ahead, love your life and embrace all the adventure: you are fantastic and no you don’t need a man to validate that!