Presenting My Favorite Book Of All Time


I fell in love with The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein in high school when a cool, hipster classmate of mine (of course, di pa uso hipster noon, we were just the odd kids! Now I feel like the hipsters are the cool kids and I have still remained odd) lent it to me and since my students are required to submit a presentation at the end of their camp, I have decided to lend this beautiful work of art to them.

And since I love the super wonderful people who take the time to actually visit my random thoughts, I am sharing it with you as well.

My favorite line from the book is this: You cannot roll with me but perhaps you can roll by yourself. But to further understand its depth, do click on the slides!

Enjoy and I wish for nothing but for you to find your perfect piece, in due time!