Purity and The City


I watched Beauty and The Briefcase and wow Hilary Duff has turned into a vixen overnight, well not exactly overnight but she’d always be Lizzie McGuire to me.

And WOW, from Lizze McGuire to the sexy Cosmo writer in that movie, the physical scenes were definitely highlighted.

And it brought me once again to the relationships that the world has come to know.

It’s purely physical and void of anything emotional, in order to fall in love with someone, it’s important to know them “physically” first.

And everywhere I go, every song I listen to that’s what I hear.

What was taught to me when I was younger was the exact opposite of what the world expected of me.

So it was a push and pull and although I never had to compromise my beliefs, I never quite got why it shouldn’t be done because everyone else seemed to enjoy it, why should it be wrong?

Well, the consequences of irresponsible actions are never quite pretty or fun.

But this generation cries, “take the risk” and while some may feel bold to take the risk, it still cries immaturity.

So if it’s just about responsibility, then I should just be more responsible right? So if I’m responsible enough I can get away with doing it?

Again, that means I’m resting on my own self control and since I’m a human being now what are the chances that my self control is kept tight?

I don’t mean to condemn anyone because i understand how difficult it is and what the world demands and I’ve tried to find answers as to why I should follow that ancient rule but so far ive come up with none.

The reason I now understand is because once again, little not so mighty me is once again trying to make it on my own when all I have to do is ask for God’s strength.

And eversince I understood God’s strength I realized why God is expecting me to wait.

For one thing, He delights when His children obeys His commands because we must understand that God never commands us todo anything that would harm us.

Also, when we obey His will, we’re being placed in a position where we are ready to receive His blessings and that includes His best.

Where we’re not broken or living in guilt–that’s God’s best, yes it’s quite hard to sacrifice or leave a relationship because it demands something we’re not supposed to hand over yet but God fills that hole. In Him we are able.

And most importantly, what we have to understand is this, God’s love doesn’t demand.

That’s what I learned from our Pastor today, when we love someone we don’t demand, instead we seek to give and serve that person, just the way God loves us.

When someone says they love us and they have a checklist of things we have to do for them, that’s not love.

When they only seek for their own selfish desires, they only love themselves. They’re not displaying God’s love and as God’s daughter, I shouldn’t expect anything less than His best because on the cross He exemplified what true love is and that’s the love I strive to give and I expect from my future mate.

And though the pressures or idealisms of the world may not change, God is in me and in His strength, I am made whole 😉