Where’s The Good in A Bad Day?


To cap off a bad day, I’d usually have a rant list filled with nothing but complaints about my life and how evil people are.

Praise God He gives us second, third and infinite chances and here I am, at the end of a bad day and yet, I’m still dancing on the inside.

To live a life that’s meant for Jesus alone is quite wonderful simply because the things that used to shatter our world before doesn’t even cause us to flinch anymore.

It doesn’t mean that i’m taking these things lightly, it just means that I know who I’m living for and who has my back at the end of the day.

And it’s incredible!

No more overanalyzing. No more thinking of what other people think about me and no more depression over another failed soon to be romance.

God is alive and it is through His power that I can face each day despite all the challenges that each day brings.

It is through Him that I can get up each day and try to led and used by Him.

And because of that strength and that truth, no matter how many times I see things that break my heart, I stand strong because I know He lives in me and nothing is without a purpose.

That a single tear does not go to waste in His kingdom and so as I go to sleep tonight, I cling to that truth and in His truth I find my freedom.