on my own


There are days when you get out of bed and you instantly crave for something.

It’s something that couldn’t be consumed, but instead it’s something that you longed for in the deepest pit of your heart.

It’s something you want to carry around and it’s something you want to fill your heart with.

But I don’t feel it. And it’s especially hard because you’re relying on that to make your days fuller and to make you feel complete and yet it isn’t there.

I’ve tried searching and I’ve tried looking at my heart to see where I went wrong.

But I guess it’s all part of this journey that I’ve submitted myself to.

And there are times of intense longing because it is only through that longing that we seek intensively.

And it is only through that longing that we understand that this relationship is personal and should not be contrasted to other people’s relationship with Him.

That sometimes we have to learn to shut our mouth for a moment and just see Him move and hear Him speak.

Because I know despite the saddest and loneliest of days, He is there.

All we have to do is to look into our hearts and worship Him.

And believe that this is not what the journey is composed of, it is merely a stopover towards the great things that He has in store.

That He wants nothing but the best for us so that in turn, we can glorify His kingdom.