Loneliness is a lie that the enemy uses to attack people.

It’s where most of our depression lies (ironic huh?) and it is rooted in the darkest pit of our hearts that hardly no one sees.

It’s a lie that dispels most relationships and a lie that breaks a lot of people.

But of course the lie does not hold any truth to it because the only truth I know comes from the One who sent His son to the cross to take my place.

And the Father who did that to me would not want me to live in the pits every single day of my life.

He wants me to live in victory and He wants me to celebrate every single day of my life.

And it is not true that He disappears because if you look close enough you can see His glory in the little things such as a family laughing together, a baby taking its first steps, a girl finally finding the prince that she’s been praying for her entire life and people shining life into another person’s life during that person’s darkest hour.

God’s magnifience is around us every single moment of every day.

Being able to see, being able to feel, being able to smell the scent of the rain, these are the miracles of life.

Life is fantastic. We just have to fight through the lies and believe that Our Father wants nothing but the best for us.

And that hope should be able to drive out the darkness, no matter how dark it may seem in our lives.