We Are Never Truly Alone


The biggest lies that we are bombarded with every single day is this: we are alone, we cannot relate to other people and no matter what we do, people cannot really love us if they saw how we are in the dark.

These lies have had such a stronghold on everyone i meet, no matter how they cover it up and no matter how they pretend that they don’t care if people love them or not.

In reality, people need other people, not to meet their needs or to make them feel good about themselves, but believe it or not, we need other people not so they can meet our needs, but we need other people so we can meet their needs.

It’s pretty much like eating chocolate.

When you see it, you just want to pounce and eat the whole pack (in my case) instead of sharing it and after awhile, when all the beautiful chocolates are gone, what’s left is my big tummy and that guilty feeling.

I feel bad in all the right places and I feel like I should have just shared the calories.

The same way with human relationships. Most of the time, since we’ve been so hurt before, we start thinking that sharing our problems with other people (not for solutions but to merely feel good about ourselves or to feel that the burden has been lifted) would only cause greater heartache.

There is so much distrust in our hearts that we feel that we should keep it all inside and it would all go away.

But just like the nasty chocolate stains and the calories that they bring, the darkness doesn’t really go away.

It rots in there, along with the lies that the enemy brings and it turns a person into an isolated mess.

I’ve been battling with something in the past week and I felt compelled to keep it a secret until today, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

And while chatting with an old friend, finally being able to let out every fear and every insecurity that I had in the past week, I suddenly felt better.

Like a heavy burden has been lifted and I can finally smile sincerely.

I’m not saying that human relationships should replace our relationship with God since we shouldn’t expect from people what we should be expecting from God.

We should be completely satisfied in Him before we can truly relate to others.

But in order to heal, God uses people on earth so we don’t feel so alone.

So don’t believe the lie that you are alone because there are people who care and people who are willing to listen.

We are never truly alone.