I was haunted by people from my past last week. Everywhere I turned, there was someone who was linked to my past and I don’t think it’s such a bad thing.

It feels good to catch up with people whom you were in conflict with and just clear things or just recreate a new sort of friendship, one that is supposed to be better than the last.

So it’s good. Time heals everything or so they say. I’m very very optimistic 🙂


We just got good internet connection at home, highlight the world GOOD. We’ve had internet connection for the longest time but never this fast, so I’m expecting to be spending 24/7 infront of this thing, as if I haven’t killed my social life enough. ha ha ha.


Searching for a copy of TWLIGHT in the midst of pencil-pushing right now, so I’m broke until then end of August. It’s a self-proclaimed season of pencil-pushing so please be kind enough to lend me one


Enjoy the long weekend, I know I will. XOXO