Rediscovering the Girl with the Purity Ring


When I was in high school, I had this weird parody that once I step out into the “real” world, my prince charming was going to pop up like Mcdreamy did in Enchanted. Another myth that I thought would come true is that he’d respect my purity ring and my beliefs.

But then again, I stepped out of my reality and met my own monsters: Guys who loved themselves way too much that it didn’t leave any room in their hearts to love someone else.

There were good ones but they didn’t seem to understand the essence of my purity ring. Like I told my mom, it’s a series of hits and misses.

I’ve been sporting my purity ring way before Jording Sparks belted on Idol and I’ve always been proud, until I met guys whose faced crinkled from the sound of it. I never took it off but I wasn’t jumping for joy either, announcing it. I honestly didn’t think that anyone would appreciate it (I’ve faced the reality that I couldn’t meet any of the jonas brothers anytime soon) so I kindda stopped talking about it. I didn’t lower my standards but the guys I entertained for awhile didn’t meet those standards either so I kindda stopped talking to them because honestly, what was the point?

I was in a rut for awhile because where was the beautiful story promised by the Ludys, Sarah Velthouse and Joshua Harris? What happened? Didn’t my sacrifices and my choice to wait matter? Was I constantly going to be surrounded by guys who didn’t know a thing about respect?

But then, after last night, I realized that the song isn’t over yet. It’s just beginning. I no longer had to shy away from who I am and what I believed in. However, I’m not as rigid, I’m still the girl, only a little less uptight.

And, in one way or another, I do know that there are guys who appreciate it and the end of the day, it would all be worth it.