Saving The World…


I have no idea why I just made that the title of this blog entry. It definitely had a good ring to it. That maybe the reason why.
I recieved an e-mail from Pete today and it just made my heart swell that the little boy remembered his teacher the moment he landed in Korea. God’s miracles continue to reign in my life and I couldn’t be more humbled by it.
Al’s good friend died yesterday and even if I didn’t know her friend personally, it broke my heart and I pray for her family and everyone she left behind.
It makes me think of life and how short it is. Most of the time we are trapped into its pettiness that we forget what’s important.
I continue to pray that whatever it is that I learned in the three weeks that I spent with my kiddos, I would not let go of it. I would not lose my sense of self and I continue to grow in the world.
I seriously have no idea how I’m going to save the world but I will one of these days. That’s a promise.
Pastor Paul spoke about putting an end to what we started in 2008 and the Lord whispered to me those things that I’d rather not have in my life.
The work is done and it’s time to move on.:-)

I’m freakeeen optimistic: all my dreams will come true this year and the saving the world thing, it will happen.