MY HR Manager is going to kill me.

Because I got so pissed with all the rules (you know it’s one of those days!), I went to work wearing shorts, which I can pretty much debate about since well, most of my officemates come to work wearing skirts, which is really the same thing.

So no I don’t think what I’m wearing is inappropriate. Sue me please.

There’s something deliberately fun about breaking the rules every once in awhile. Not until I get that memo. Yeah, sure whatever.

Told you, I’m in a funk!


My friends were talking about growing up. Shine, Kae and then some and it made me think, how much have I grown up in the past year?

A lot, I tell you.

  1. I respect authority but no longer afraid.
  2. I stopped kissing dating goodbye
  3. I’ve learned to value people outside of the little box I’ve created for myself.
  4. I expect less from people and demand more from myself.
  5. I stopped wanting and wishing for things that I don’t have.