Scars Loose


I’m really really trying to not be a drama queen anymore. It takes too much energy and as advised by this really cool writer, Francesca Ayala from the Philippine’s Star Young Star Section (out every Friday) people are not drawn to heavy articles.

I want people to read my blog and be enlightened. Not have a scurry on thier faces after reading my entries.

As I’ve said, I am really really trying.

So this may be the beginning of my “lighter” entry while trying to evoke the experience that caused me to write the said article. (Words of Wisdom from Ms. Ayala again)

I have begun rereading, “Purpose Driven Life” again due to the fact that I’ve been trying hard to eradicate all the negativity in my body and trying to fill it with forgivness.

Well, I guess I have forgiven myself already and the people part of my past now, but there are still tinges somewhere in my nervous system.

I have no idea if it’s because of my medications but then again, anything to write about.

That’s when I realized that I still have a couple of scars loose within me.

I mean the band aid’s long gone and it no longer hurts like hell, but it cringes every once in awhile. Like whe it’s reminded of what caused it.

I guess primarily it’s because those scars lost a part of my dream world.

You know it’s like being one of barney’s playmates and finding out that he’s NOT EVEN REAL. *gasp*

That’s what I am going through right now.

Lost because Barney doesn’t exsist.

It’s kindda hard to actually thread them one by one, but I guess the main point of this entry is saying that even if one have scars loose (as most of us do) that doesn’t make us any uglier or any more diminished, so to speak.

Remember this story:

“Once upon a time there was this big piece of rock living peacefully on a mountaintop. One day she gets transported far far away, all of a sudden she recieves multiple blows around her body. She’s hurt really bad, bruised and hurt. The beating continues without her knowing why. It just goes on and on. Suddenly, it all stops. Then one day. people start to look at her, they stop and stare, she’s begins to wonder why. One day they were two workers carrying a mirror. The rock finally saw her reflection and saw that she was not a beautiful statue”


I mean, I’ve been struggling for words but I hope this makes out what I am trying to say.

If you’ve had those nasty scars with you, I’m really praying you’d find peace soon and magnify its purpose in your life.

That exactly is what I’m praying for myself too.

Stand up from all those hurt and move on.

Be the wonderful statue that God intended you to be.