What’s That AGAIN?????


I try real hard not to obsess about certain things, especially things that are filtered by the media or something that someone else is obsessed about.

Media may not be the main reason for a specific obsession but then again that’s a whole other argument.

I am pissed primarily because every single turn in school has someone waiting for me to say, “you’re gaining so much weight”

How do I respond to this?

“I really really want to grind you to dust”

Of course being the goody two shoes that I am, I ignored the comment and just smiled, the subsequent events, I seriously just wanted to slash people.

It’s Carrie all over again!

I mean, why do they really care if I gained weight? It’s me that has to face the mirror everyday and fit into my jeans.

And I do fit into the jeans that I bought a year ago and I do like what I see in the mirror everyday so

WHY THE HELL DO THEY CARE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s too pathetic even to think of.

There are other issues in the world and it would be a better place if people would rather think of feeding food to the hungry than starve themselves so people would say, “Oh my ang payat mo na”

Gag, trust me they would be the first people who would say, “Tumaba ka”

I just people would just shut up.

If someone can answer why people care too much, I am treating that person to a Smacker.