Okay, that maybe a stupid integration of my favorite TV shows, but hey, at least I tried.

I’ve always been a couch potato. That’s just one fact that you can’t miss about me. The main reason why I quit soccer in the 6th grade was because I wanted my homework done before Dawson’s Creek, Angel and Popular on weekdays. This was during my grade school days and TV-landia had presented us with these TV shows because they haven’t gotten over Melrose and Beverly Hills 90210 just yet. Quality TV was now all over my screen and mainly the reason for my perfect boy fantasies. Up to this day, I still regret missing the first season of Dawson’s Creek, since that first season, I haven’t missed an episode since and that makes me feel so proud.

Once all these shows have been axed, I turned my attention to Smallville thus the awakening of my Tuesday habit. I swear, I wouldn’t even talk to anyone during my one hour of Smallville. After Smallville, pretty much all the other good shows followed. Gilmore Girls, The OC and of course MY one tree hill. I was in love with it when no one knew what Tree Hill was all about. Three seasons and counting and I still haven’t missed an episode.

I guess the reason why I fell in love with these shows is the fact that they presented me with a twisted view of reality wherein I could choose my own happy ending depending on my mood. I could be the perfect singer song writer Haley James on Tuesday night and the very smart and savvy Veronica Mars come Wednesday night. Part of the charm of these shows is the fact that it made me look forward to every episode and produces that excitement on its designated day.

However, with the arrival of these pirated all in one CD seasons, its very tempting to just consume them in just one sitting. I should know, I consumed The Ghost Whisperer, Tree Hill Season 3 and soon Prisonbreak doing just that. Its tempting but it loses that part of the charm of agonizing every week on what would REALLY happen next week. Trailers get me by as I constantly think of plots that could relatively better than the original. Its fun! The waiting part’s agonizing but its part of the entire drama.

So, that’s the reason why I skipped out on buying Grey’s Anatomy and Veronica Mars just yet. Its better to wait and see. Besides, my own story plots are so bad.
* *

For the record, Veronica Mars season two literally fell on my lap, thanks to Fred. So I got to finish what’s left of the season today. And just let me say that I am so glad that Veronica is back with Logan, he’s way better than Duncan anyway. I think Veronica Mars gets creepier every season, but that’s what makes it fun. It seriously surprises you.