“NOSTALGIA HITS” season 18, act 200, episode 1000.


Going through old stuff on a Saturday night instead of enjoying Peter Pan II: Return to Neverland on Disney Channel may not be such a good idea.

For starters, it would pull you back to the time wherein you had zero fashion sense and it would take every ounce of fiber in your being to restrain from tearing them apart. They are memories after all.

They can also manifest old journals and writings that spoke of how much joy I had brought about by the simple pleasures, the grief over an unrequited love or friendships gone wrong. It can remind you of how much you used to believe in something but now just laugh at the crazy childhood ramblings. But, somehow, it gave me hope in something that has been trampled on by the many things that life demands from us everyday.

It reminded me of how much I trusted in the Lord and the things He has in store for me. I was eleven years old and I was that faithful in the Lord.

And although my relationship with the Lord has matured as I’ve gotten older, somehow, there’s that hope that has diminished.

I want that hope back. I want that belief so much to live in me again. That childlike dream that makes me smile despite the hectic days and the unpleasant situations.

Wait, I’m being dramatic again. See! That’s the reason why we shouldn’t go through junk. It can jiggle you and shake your senses.

In a good way though, there is always room for improvement- definitely.