stress besht


Would you believe that after almost a week of reviewing for five gruesome subject this is the only time that I actually had a time to breathe? Its a good thing that I finally get tomorrow and saturday morning off. I’ve been so exahusted and my hand’s so cramped I don’t think I can fully enjoy grey’s anatomy tonight. But I have to enjoy it, I must not fall asleep. The reason why I decided to finally open up my friendster account and try to write something meaningful. I don’t think I can come up with something meaningful just yet. Only that I’m annoyed that I couldn’t update and approve the testimonials that I have on my friendster account. New testimonials always excite me and not being able to approve them just sucks. Anyway, okay, my mind just totally went blank on me. Its like I want to say a million and one things but then I couldn’t. Waah.
Finance test on Saturday.
LORD, help me=)