since law class got cancelled…


1. looks or charms?
– charms

2. love that never was or love that could’ve been?
– that could’ve been…hmmm.

3. end up with a person who has everything you
want and looking for, or end up with someone you
totally connect with?
– someone i can connect with.

4. be with a person you have lots in common with,
or someone with a different personality from you?
– hmmm…. be with a person with a different personality, just to add that much needed zest in my life. inner bad boy/girl or an inner good boy/girl?
– inner good..:))

6. smart or funny?
– i believe that in order to be funny, one has to be smart.

7. a person more adventurous or a person more
– more adventurous?

8. think first before falling in love; or fall in
love first, think later?
– think first. we all know how many people have messed up lives because they didn’t think first.

9. give up everything for love or give up love to
live your dreams?
– the cynic that i am, i chose to give up love to live my dreams. I don’t think i can give up something for someone who wouldn’t stay and back me up. cynical huh?

10. when you found someone you love; would you
get into a relationship with that person knowing for
sure it wouldn’t last, or just be friends with
them so that he will always be there?
– i don’t think ill do anything. whatever’s meant to happen will happen anyway so why worry?

11. meet “the one” at first love or have other
relationships before finally meeting “the one”?
– the one at first love. why go through all the crap if you know who you’re going to end up with anyway?

12. would you fall for someone you can’t have, or
forget about it and distance yourself from him?
– if its not for me then its best to JUST LET IT GO.

13. do you believe true love lasts forever or true
love’s forever is whatever length of time you get
to spend together?
– ha….how would a cynic answer that?

14. find love or wait for love?
– wait for love…:)

15. would you settle for someone or continue to
wait for someone that might never come?
– wait for someone that will never come? hmmm… i don’t know. its kindda unfair to settle for someone just for the sake of it. better to be alone than to be with someone just for the sake of it. when i finally get in relationship it would be because that person is the one that i’ve been waiting for. THAT would make everything else worth it.

16. seek approval of important people in your life
before you marry some, or it’s your decision
and your decision alone-
seek approval. advice from people won’t hurt me or kill the relationship. they must know something i don’t.

17. making a commitment: easy or hard?
– easy. if the person is THE ONE then everything else will just fall into place. i don’t have to work at anything. if its meant to be it will be.