this happens when you’re bored


Do you smoke?
* NO
How many cups of coffee are you capable ofdrinking in a day?
~*ME?? haha… more than 4 but never less than 3…haha…certified coffee addict:)
Ever laughed even though there’s nothing really funny?
~* YUP. IT gets me in trouble especially if the person/professor wasn’t really making a joke.
Ever cried when there’s nothing really worth crying about?
~* haha YEAH. I cry over everything. Embarassing story, I ended up crying once while doing the whole magic sing thing. It was so EMBARASSING because we were at another person’s place. I had a rough day and the song I chose didn’t really help. Dummy.
Ever tried “magwala”?
~* tried being the term here. I don’t make “wala” (yuck, i hate the way I said that) I cry like crazy, which is sometimes more degrading.
Have you ever gone to your morning class not having washed your face?
~* NEVER. I don’t even go outside our door without washing my face. arte noh?
How about going to class completely clueless thatyou have an exam?
~* in highschool yeah…:)
Do you still sleep eventhough you have a schoolpaper due the next day?
~* yup, i do it way before its due. Sorry, walang social life eh. ganyan talaga. heehee.
May nakapagsabi na ba sayo na masungit ka?
~* yup.
What did you say? (in response to the previousquestion?)
~* “eh kasi ikaw eh…” heehe putting the blame on that same person helps. trust me.heehee;)
Who is the most important person in your liferight now?
~* my family and this one…haha… basta.
What was the most painful thing you’ve caused tothe person you love?
~* oh gad, i don’t want to get into this NOW. i’ve just retired from being the dramaqueen.
How can you say you love a person?
* AHH. i was just pondering on this earlier. when you cry at the thought that something bad might happen to that person. it kills me just thinking of not being able to do anything to protect that person. ahem.
Can you afford to love two people at the sametime?
~* nope. sometimes i can’t even afford to love ONE. too many risks.

Would you fight for the one you love, or would youlet her/him go?
~* would the one im fighting for back me up? or will i be left fighting the battle ALONE?
Which is harder, tell a friend you love him/her orjust hide it?
~* ask me when i finally know the answer.