so in love


There’s something to be said about being in love. It consumes you, eats up most of your time and every single mistake hurts although you know that it’s only meant to make you better.

It’s this mix of fear and dread that consumes you from your head to your toe and you’re so afraid that you’re going to lose that wonderful thing that you’re blessed with so you work extra hard.

My dear friends that is how I feel about my job. I’ve never been so in love and so absorbed with something. It’s like I’m finally doing something with my life that’s worthwhile, like I’m adding some sort of value into this world and it makes getting up each morning easier. Which isn’t really a bad feeling let me tell you.

Of course, I’m pressured to do well and of course since I’m such an OC when it comes to my work, I do my work during the Holidays and weekends. But I don’t even mind because that’s how much I’m enjoying it.

I finally found something that I love!!

It’s been keeping me from having a social life though but it’s been worth it.

I wonder if I’d be this passionate when the love of my life comes along… but that’s another story to tell and right now I’m just too busy to even give a damn.

Great weekend everyone!