Hello Reality


I had a Nathan Scott in my life for quite awhile.

I was seventeen when I met him and he turned my life around. At 17, I was determined to make him fall in love with me. It was a silly crushand i was infatuated with him for almost for almost three years. He was my Tad Hamilton and no one ever came close.

That infatuation didn’t have any significant basis at all. He was older and we were in the same environment so I had this crazy notion in my head that we were meant to be together even though all we had were random conversations.

Naturally, the dream guy didn’t give me the time of day and it broke my heart. There were other drama antics that ensued but that’s not worth talking about.

The main point of this entry is to say that my dream guy fianlly met his dream girl and I was suprised at how I reacted.

I was happy. It was like, “Hey! This is reality already. We’ll never be together” and finally, I’m over then Kate Bosworth-like crush.

I’m past that stage of my life and I’m free.

I’m growing up and facing the reality that hey, the dream boy does end up with his dream girl but it’s not about your dream boy falling in love with you, it’s about finding that perfect fit and realizing that in life’s own sneaky way, dreams do come true.

It’s realizing that your family is not perfect but at the end of the day, you’re just satisfied with the fact that no matter what happens, they’re there.

Friends do come and go but you’re just grateful that they dropped by to make you smile.

You now realize the rationale behind the cliche, “Beauty comes from the inside” and you’re finally happy with life and where you are.

You smile at people and look forward with hope. After all, you also realize the most important lesson of all: Your Filipino teacher was right, all the shitty things that happened before did serve its purpose.