Because I make the hurt go away :p


1. Who’s your love?
~ My God. My family. My friends. My really special friends.

2. Do you believe in the saying that “first love never dies”?
~ Nah. Love is always a choice.

3.How do you know when it’s really love?
~ Hard to tell. I can be very emotional and often think it’s love when I think I’ve never even been in love.
4.Do you know when someone likes you?
~ Unless you tell it straight to my face I really wouldn’t think that someone likes me. It’s hard to assume.

5.Is love sweeter the second time around?
~ I’m sorry, I never give anyone a second chance. :p

6.What’ s your opinion about the saying LOVE IS BLIND?
~ I can’t say I agree because I don’t allow love to consume me. :p

7.Will you do everything for the person you love?
~ Nope. I still have to have my limitations 🙂

8.Will you ever fall in love with your best friend?
~ Nope. relationships come and go but my relationship with my best friend would never change. I want him to be there till we have grandkids of our own.

9.What’s your type of girl/boy?
~ Smart. Driven. Ambitious. FUNNY. 🙂

10.Do you express your feelings openly?
~ Hell no. I play games. haha 🙂 shh. 🙂

11.What do you dislike in a girl/boy?
~ Overly confident guys and guys who talk about the girls they “had’. Eww. Not attractive AT ALL.

12.Who’s your crush?
~ Joshua Jackson. MARRY ME PLEASE!

13.Do you have a bf/gf?
~ Nah. I’m single and I’m happy. Don’t believe what you hear. It’s nice to be single 🙂

14. Is it possible for you to fall in love with an older man or woman?
~ Why not?

15. Younger?
~ Two years younger max! 😛

16. Is it possible for you to fall in love with your same sex?
~ Nope

17.How hard is a break- up?
~ I wouldn’t no, never hada break-up to speak of.

18.Are you a heartbreaker?
~ Hmm.. I hope not 🙂

19.What do you do to get over a heartbreak?
~ Eat tortillos, arce coffee crumble and watch a really pathetic movie and cry cry cry. After a day of that, put ugly betty on, feel better, pray and move on.

20.Do you swear never to fall in love again?
~ I heard falling in love is the best feeling in the world so why not allow myself to experience it? 😛

21.What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned regarding love?
~ it hurts but one day. you’ll meet someone worth it. 🙂