so long to the boyband of my dreams


I was, as usual, listening to my current favorite radio trio: mo, miles and andi 9 when I heard one of the most shocking news I have ever heard in my life: LANCE BASS IS GAY. It isn’t enough that Justin Timberlake is a drug addict. Lance Bass has to be gay too. Just for the record, I was in love with Lance Bass eversince I was in sixth grade. The news totally blew me off and I am upset all over. And get this: HE’S IN A STABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH A GUY FROM A REALITY SHOW. And I was worried that I would lose him to Beverly Something of 7th heaven. And yet, I lose him to a GUY. Nothing against gays here ( i love gay people) BUT come on LANCE AND I WERE SUPPOSED TO GET MARRIED five years from now!!!

This makes me realize just how grown up I’ve become and how much the world has changed with me. Before, the sight of a new NSYNC video would drive me bonkers, now I think it would just make me relieve the old times. Its crazy to think that five years ago, I was so into thinking that they were the epitome of the perfect guys. I even found a letter from to me that asks me to promise that even if Nsync isn’t “hot” anymore, I would still be into them. Crazy, I know. BUT somehow, for years, that took up most of my daydreaming sessions. Lance would simply sweep me off my feet and take me away. And justin would be married to katie holmes and jc chasez would be engaged to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yeah, things were easier back then. I was doused into my own dreamland.

I guess reality really has its way of catching up with you. And although I haven’t really thought of Nsync until Justin’s “Sexy back” (i LOVE that song) its kinda sad to actually look back and realize that if this news came out five years ago, an eleven year old me would really really be disappointed.