there’s got to be more to life.


Life can be so ironic.

There’s this one week wherein everything’s going your way and pfft, the next week, you just wonder where your good luck went or why it ran out. Its ironic, but that’s the cycle of life, who can argue with that right?

I’ve been doing just that MY ENTIRE LIFE. I’ve been arguing with it, trying to resist it and trying to find someone to blame for it. I should’ve known better that it simply doesn’t work that way.

I’ve been reading this book called, “Get over it and on with it” Its a very good book and very enlightening. It teaches us how to deal with the roadblocks that life throws your way everyday, no matter how major or how minor.

The thing with me is this: its the SMALL THINGS THAT FREAK ME OUT.

Those little things that shouldn’t really annoy anyone annoy me. Weird right?

The big things I could let go of, but NOT the little ones. Its something that I should learn to get over. Its unfair and a total waste of time.

I’m learning to deal with it though. I’m dealing with it by couting to ten before I burst into angered flames. It usually works. Like 8 out of 10.

So, I guess, there’s more to life than these crazed things I get myself into.