Something’s Gotta Give…


I was going through PerezHilton.Com earlier (it’s a guilty pleasure, I know, I know) and I saw Anne Hathaway winning Best Actress in the People’s Choice award or something like that and her speech left me teary-eyed.

It made me think of the ordeal that she’s just been through (you know with the jailed boyfriend etc) and it made me think, when something good happens, does something really have to suffer? Like should you give your happiness up in one area so you can be happy in another? Does it always have to be a choice? Can’t we have everything at once? Or is that being way too selfish?

After my ordeal with the kids, I always thought that things will be better, but I’ve gone back down to reality and a few things have been way too shabby.

Again, it goes back to letting certain people in your life go because they’re not meant to be a part of it for so long.

I mentioned in my blog once that I’m no longer afraid of life’s little challenges because there’s always a miracle lurking around somewhere. I just don’t want to be bitter anymore.

In a way, I owe not feeling bitter to those eight wonderful kids that I fell in love with.

It’s like I owe it to them to always act or be my best at all times because they knew that I could be better than some bitter, selfish twenty year old. They knew that I had it in me to love and not ask anything in return.

Dealing with people and friends can be difficult on some levels. But as Tini said: You should only demand for what you can give out.

That may be the problem with me: I give so much of myself, I trust people too much and I always expect the best from people.

It’s wrong, because people aren’t perfect and neither am I. But I don’t want to sulk anymore, this is just one of life’s ironic twists and in the end it’s only something that was sent to make me better and treat people better.

Whenver I start a friendship with someone I always give my hundred one percent, it make take awhile before I completely warm up to someone but when I do, there’s no question about it: I give it my all.

Maybe, I have been giving my all to the wrong people. Maybe I have been investing my time to people who are not even worth a single cent of it. But here I go again, thinking that there’s a good in everyone and in time, it will manifest.

Ohman, I really don’t want this kind of drama for this year, but you know I guess the Lord is trying to teach me something and strengthen me emotionally. Not to give too much of myself and be more levelheaded in terms of giving my trust to people.

It’s another lesson learned, but it’s pretty much worth it.

God’s good and I do believe that one area of my life has to suffer so the other can be happy.

Everything works together for the good of those who love the Lord. I put my complete trust in Him in every aspect of my life.

Only great things are instore. 🙂