Sticks and Stones, baby. Sticks and Stones.


There comes a point in your life when everything you used to believe in crashes and falls apart. At the advent of this, you wonder where you went wrong and where the cracks began.

Under sheer pressure, you realize that well, it’s not that you like the person you have become, but in a way, you appreciate it. You appreciate it because once in your life, you’re finally finally numbed and you’re finally transitioning into this other phase of your life where you hope that things are more stable-emotionally because everything else just follows from there.

I once heard that we are filled to be emptied again- that’s just how the Lord works in our lives.

With the new things happening in my life, I’m totally lost. I don’t know where to go from here, simply because the main foundation that my life has been built on for the past twenty years have been pulled from under me. Even I don’t understand where all this anger and hurt is coming from.

All I know is that what I’m standing on at this very moment is my relationship with the Lord and no one, not even those whom I love more than life itself can take that away.

At this point, it’s really all I have.

Sheer faith is the only thing that’s keeping me from falling apart.