Summer Eclipse


Being a huge fan of TV shows with seasons, I’ve also associated summer as a time where the characters hide and emerge with a better hairstyle, skinnier or just plain better-looking (Everyone knows that Joshua Jackson gets better looking after every season finale of Dawson’s Creek!)

This is the first time in my life that I didn’t have a summer to speak of. Don’t get me wrong, I feel the ridiculous heat and everyone I know has hit the beach but what I’m saying is that since I’m considered a “working girl” already, the two month summer vacation I’ve enjoyed for the past nineteen years of my life has been scraped. Just like adults, I get up at 6 am everyday to get to work.

What I didn’t realize is that this summer is my summer. This summer has been the summer wherein I have changed the most. I see myself getting more positive everyday, I see myself getting hurt but getting back up without a bruise to speak of. I see myself understanding people more and not letting the little things get to me and this has also been the summer where I started taking risks.

I’ve also dreamed of becoming the girl who would just take risks. One who would stop thinking of what the outcome would be but instead just do something. I guess I never took risks because I was always so fearful. I must admit though that I’m no superwoman yet but the risks that I started taking in the past three weeks proved that I have come a long way.

My sister sent me a text message last Thursday and she told me to take risks, let loose and just live for the first time in my life. Enough worrying about what people are going to say. Maybe it’s time for me to think of myself and stop saving everyone else.

It’s a whole new way to live. I’m still not used to it but I can go to sleep every night knowing that I did my part.

And for those people who say that this thing may not work, I beg to differ because I think all this risk taking has a purpose.

Miracles are waiting everywhere, my heart is singing and I owe that to the summer of 2008. I’ve finally learned to let go of Neverland and step into reality and I’m telling you it feels good!