Take me back to the golden days


I have so many things that I want to write about but I don’t know where to start or maybe I’m not convinced that it’s writing about but then again the only place of solace for me has always been my writing so sue me if it gets too personal.

A fact that all of you know by now (that is if you’re a frequent visitor of this blog) is that I’ve never had a boyfriend and I think the major reason why is because I’m still waiting for my prince but in the process of waiting for this prince, I have encountered a lot of frogs along the way.

Because of my nature, I now realize that i’m easily drawn to frogs. I’m easily drawn to guys who tend to take you for granted, leave you and try to win you back. It’s a sick cycle that I no longer want to be a part of anymore.

But i’m going to be twenty soon and you know I think I’d never get out of that cycle but a recent experience made me wiser. It hurt but it served is purpose. Thank God for Joel Osteen, I don’t think I’d be this optimistic without his books and preachings. I’ve matured a whole lot in the past month and i’m proud of myself. It’s just sad that in order for me to grow up, I’d have to lose a few people and a few relationships that really made me smile at one point.

So here’s my resolution for the next two months (until my 20th) I will be staying away from boys. I’ll start focusing on my work, getting to know the Lord more and just enjoying my friends and family.


I think not. I think it’s time for to stop saving other people and take the time to save myself. Take the time to think of me for awhile and stop trying to figure out things for other people. It’s not in a negative sense but I think I need to let my heart rest for awhile and continue to pray and have faith that in the right time, things will come to pass.

My heartfelt thanks to:

Kara: Our conversation changed my perspective and strengthened me.

Nolan: I’d always be grateful to you and you know that. You’re the guy who will forever be constant in my life.

Ms. Len:You are my personal psychiatrist 🙂 thanks!