Ten things for ten lovely and not so lovely people in my life



* Choose 10 people you want to say something to, either good or bad.

* Write everything down, no order is required.

* Try to keep everything anonymous. Don’t drop names.

1) You forgot my birthday, had the nerve to criticize my work, didn’t attend my shindig and you purposely left me at the office yesterday. It goes to show how insensitive you are and how much I need to cut you out of my life. It’s a damned cycle that I just want to stop. You’re a jerk, you don’t deserve me!

2) I should have said YES. You have no place in my life and I really have no intention of doing whatever it is that you want to do but you’ve added that little zest in my life that’s been missing for quite awhile now. If this little thing no longer continues it’s okay because you’ve pushed me well over the edge and it’s like I’m a whole new person so THANK YOU.

3) You’re sweet and you make me laugh. She should take care of you, you deserve the best. I never met someone as sweet and as straight up as you are. A little rough around the edges but at least around you, I always know what to expect.

4) Thanks for listening me babble all day about whatever’s on my mind. So thank you. Appreciate it.

5) You inspire me to do better. You encourage and challenge me to work harder. Your work ethic pushes me to produce better output.

6) I know what’s on your mind. You like him, don’t you?

7) HOY! I miss you! We should go out soon!!!!!!!! 😀 You still owe me roses!!! 😀

8) Dilly Dally. You make me smile honey.

9) You’ll always be the person that everyone else gets compared to.Thanks for putting up the bar higher for me.

10) I really don’t like you!