The absurdity of my being


There’s one secret I’d like to share with you today and it’s this: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DAYDREAMING! There’s nothing that excites me more than long car trips, preferably those taken before the crack of dawn and my ipod’s earphones fit snuggly into my ears. These rare moments give me the opportunity to be swept away into my dreamland and think of thoughts that are way too unrealistic even for someone who’s been entering the said landia eversince she was six. It does have its benefits; for one thing, it allows me to avoid temper flare ups. Those are my peter pan think happy thoughts moments. It also led me to discover my passion for writing at an early age, which led me to this blog. Although, make believe is truly more exciting than the daily ramblings that I post on this site. Good thing that THE SECRET has shed a very positive light on make believe because sometimes my crazy obsession with my very own version of fairy tale landia is too far fetched and makes me wonder if I have still have some sanity left in me! But in general, I truly don’t see anything wrong with it. It does make me smile in the middle of a hectic, almost unbearable day and makes you hopeful to face a new day before you sleep at night. The creation of my very own landia is often denoted as silly and childish, which is why I hardly share it with others. But without such dreams and without a place to escape every once in awhile, what would the world become? Dark, grudgy. Everything becomes routine and old. Nothing’s exciting anymore.

For me, it creates a sensation of freedom because in my magical world there are no restrictions and limitations, just blind faith.

Faith for things to come and a great leap into the world where anything’s possible and where time is simply an element.

Was able to watch the UST-ADMU game live yesterday!! I still have goosebumps from the crowd’s energy! It was such an EXPERIENCE. The PBA pales in comparison! Great great game!!! If that wasn’t school spirit then I don’t know what is!

The Innocent Man by John Grisham
Nelly Furtado’s Loose and still itching to get my hands on Sean Kingston’s album!
Coke light, my Lola’s Russian Salad, Shia Labeouf, Hayden Panettiere (gorgeous!!), Chips Ahoy Soft Baked Cookies, UAAP and the Phil Star’s SUPREME section
The OC season four!
Rihanna and Ne-yo’s new song; Is the title I hate that I love you?
Jojo’s version of Beautiful Girls
Clumsy by Fergie
Tounge Tied Favordrive
Songs from HairsprayJ

My mind’s being singing a lot latelyJ

Happy, Loved, Blessed, Excited.