the chocoduo dictio…;)



Something we really really really love;)

We’re good girls, we don’t use the word “fcuk” (unless we’re really mad) so we use fudge instead…cute noh?

Derived from wifi. Seriously…who doesn’t know what wifi is?

Anyone can be beautiful but not anyone can be bootiful. Bootiful is girls who aren’t just beautiful on the outside. They’re beautiful on the inside as well, which is way more important if you ask me.

Derived from those plastic toy brand. Don’t ask what it’s about. Long story.

Don’t even bother asking.

Dervied from Mean Girls. It means “cool”. (Not that we use it. In text maybe…hahaha).

Derived from Never Been Kissed. Another word we hardly use but find cute.

What we use when something is really cute.

It replaced…”aww, that’s so sweet”

Another term for boredom.

And so much more words I can hardly remember them all… I’ll log ’em in as soon as I remember them.. Anyway, aside from the words we have our own theory…


Okay, to back it up a bit. Ersh is a classmate of ours who always says. “you’re just jealous” when we tease him. So when there was this time during first term wherein for some odd reason people started giving us the look of death and so on. (we’ve all been to highschool…you know the deal). We actually felt bad about it, but then we realized that since we were not doing anything to do them then its thier problem not ours. And also we realized that the reason why they are such “haters” is because of what Ersh always says..

thus the theory…

logical when you think about it huh?