The conversation that changed my perspective.


Me: “Sometimes I think its unfair. I am only asking for one person. Some have everything or rather everyone. This is the first time that im ever asking for something. Why can’t He give me that?”

(silence. i am such a whiner.)

Abbie: “Bia, maybe He’s just calling you back. He can give you everything-anything but He has to be sure that You focus on Him and always put Him first”

(it takes a minute before I can fully take this all in.)

Me: “Well, can I still pray for that person?”

Abbie: “of course but you have to be patient and have faith. That’s all you need. Seek Him first and His kingdom, everything else will just follow.”

(silence. i say nothing because I feel guilty that I lost faith over such a petty thing)

Abbie: “You’ve said it yourself when the time comes it will be perfect. We’re too young to worry. Fall in love with God first, everything will be easier to accept-the good and the bad. He will bring you someon better than you can ever imagine.”

(this brings me to tears. know why? cause she’s right and im too damn stubborn to realize that.)

Thanks Abbie. Your the best. Your one of my bestest friends, my adviser, my counselor. Thank you so much cause when it comes to the Big Man up there well you know a lot. Thanks, I gained perspective.

…hey maybe you should too… *wink*