does jamie even have a landon?


I got so caught up in reading a walk to remember for the nth time today. I was crying buckets when I reached the end. That book always gets to me. But this time, it meant so much more. You see, I read that book when i was thirteen. I know, I know what did I even know back then huh? So, anyway I thought that the whole landonandjamie thing could never happen in real life. Since, hello where did you ever see a popular guy fall for a girl like jamie.
This gets my mind thinking-again. You see I know a new landon and jamie. Really and thier story is real since its happening now at this time and age. As cheesy as it may be (trust me i am not like this all the time, just really want to figure this whole thing out…)

Landon is three years older than Jamie. (unlike the book where they are both seniors) Jamie’s never had a boyfriend (just like in the book but this jamie doesn’t have one by default but the single status has grown on her and she has decided to wait). Landon is popular with girls chasing after him, having girlfriends that are considered manila’s finest. Jamie isn’t ugly, just plain looking just like in the book. She’s had her share of heartaches so she’s choosen to wait on the Lord. She sees Landon and knows nothing about him. She’s attracted. And has been for almost two years now. As Jessica darling would say it, “its better to convince yourself that your in love with someone you know nothing about”. Go figure.
But finally Jamie gets to know him, at least a side of him. And its not what she’s expected. They’re total opposites. Jamie’s sweet, serves the Lord and does not go and count boyfriends. Landon does believe in the Lord, goes to a good school and is probably reponsible, but what irks Jamie is the fact that Landon may be all over the place. This fails to meet her overly high expectations.
So what happens to her and Landon now? Well Jamie doesn’t know. She doesn’t even know if Landon know she exsists but still she’s praying for him ( like what Jamie did in the book, dont want to believe me? Read chapter 11 page 218).
This is where my question comes in does jamie even have a landon? Is she meant to spend her entire life looking at him from the sidelines? Does landon even know she exsists?
This scares her so much. The idea of being invisible scares her. but still she prays, hopes and strengthens her faith. (isn’t this what the real jamie did?).

So, I guess there isn’t really an ending to this story yet. But still guys could you help Jamie out? Should she go out with someone totally opposite from who she is? Should she let him in when the time comes?
See,that’s what’s wrong with Jamie, she’s too damn scared and the even scarier thing is what she fears the most might be true. Landon may be another jerk who’s about to break her heart-again. Cynical? Ohwell. maybe that’s just the way it is.
I really hope she’s wrong. I really hope that Landon isn’t like that.
would she ever have him?

….i figure myself…