the things i need right now


Arvin dear, i miss you!! i really really need your advice right now…

Chi, i need you to take me out of this stupidity i’ve fallen flat on my face on.. i mean, how could I??!! arggg.. call me soon…hoo-hoo

Jen, I also need your advice. Arvin’s all logical, you have heart.

Zena, i need your magazines, i need your jokes. I just need to rant. Dude, buti na lang talaga hindi ako nag-assumption, hmmppp!!!!

Kax, i need your reassurance. boo-hoo.

Pao, for the first time I need your kakulitan and in a weird way you reassuring me by telling me that his a loser.

Lance, i need your jokes. I need your caricatures.

Ces, i need you telling me, “bruha ka talaga. magwowork din yan”

Abbie, i simply need you to tell me what to do.

Lily, i need your jokes and all the funny kwentos about your “boys”

Thea, i need your individuality right now.

Sir Ben, i need you to demand me to pay attention so i could focus on theorems instead of this whole rut!! (ha.ha.ha.)

sf, i need our radio so i could sing the troubles away..

mia, i need your voice that is accompanied by shanneeh’s guitar…hoo-hoo..
i really have a great song in mind.

beshi boo, i really need you telling me na, “beshi don’t be sad na. wala lang un”

boo-hoo just miss my friends that all. if it wasn’t the summer i wouldn’t even be thinking of these things. man, i wouldn’t even have to worry about these things cause as my friends would like to put it,
“as if naman kasi noh. as if seryoso ka. as if lang talaga.”

ohwell, i think what really tops my list is this:
a huge pint of chocolate ice cream while watching my bestfriend’s wedding for the nth time or never been kissed or serendipity. boo-hoo..

i should stop saying boo-hoo..
but that describes how I feel…

i need you guys please please don’t all run away for some vacation..

i am still here!!!


cge kayo mamiss niyo rin ako..