The Nail of the Matter


I’ve known my friend, Fatss Sarmiti, for quite awhile now and I’ve always been blown away by her beautiful face!

But more than her beautiful face, what’s admirable about her is her heart. Not only is she model gorgeous but also has a heart of gold (Okay, Kirk, ang swerte mo!). 
Being the fashionista that she is, she ventured into her first business, The Lounge Nail Spa a few months after gradation and finally, after months, I was able to try their home service courtesy of Ate Jessa! 

And since I always chip my nails, I decided it would be cheaper for me to go with gel nail polish (best thing ever invented!!) and tonight I went for (are you ready?!) A Kiss in Paris. I love how I was able to get nail salon results at home and how meticulous Ate Jessa was! 
The Lounge Nail Spa (you can follow them on Instagram!) caters to a lot of happy customers everyday and here are a few snapshots I stole from their Instagram account: 

(I particularly love this photo, ang creative!) 

For those of you who wish to leave the house and enjoy the whole nail spa experience, you can visit them at:
The best part about it is the fact that these services are not even expensive, as a preview: 

Ah! I really can’t stop looking at my nails and most importantly, can’t stop being proud of my baby girl.
Truly good and awesome things happen to ultimately good people.❤