The tale of my 20th year


(Part two of my birthday entry)

This year I could describe how I felt on my birthday: harassed.

My officemates were kind enough to celebrate my birthday with me on the night itself:

The next day, I had to go to the IB Open House Event which was a lot of fun and the main reason why I neglected celebrating my birthday this year:

And after the event, my lovely officemates once again decided to give me one of the greatest gifts ever, allowing me to sing for four hours straight. They know how much of a frustrated singer I am:

Yes, I was Leona Lewis even for just one night.

There were a few drinks involved:

And a lot more singing:

It truly wasn’t a bad way to welcome my 20th year, it was simple, unconventional but it was a lot of fun, which is really how I ought to describe my life: it’s never quite people expect it to be, but it’s more fun when you surprise people.

“Jersey” should know a thing or two about surprising people, he was the one who encouraged me to take more risks.

But that’s another tale to tell 😀