the thing about karma


Just a few weeks ago I was smoking hot with anger with this guy who was spreading rumors about me liking him (head over heels in love with him) and saying things about my family, especially with my mom. It’s an understatement to say that I was pissed at him. I wanted to kick him and put my boxing lessons into good use. I was that mad at him not because he was thinking that I like him (please) but because he was saying things about my parents after they treated him so nicely when he would go to the house and he’d be saying a lot of things. That’s just plain annoying. Another thing that bothered me about him was the fact that he used my relationship with the Lord to get closer and… arrg.. not getting into the messy details.

Anyway, as I was saying I was SO MAD and I wanted to get back at him so bad but fate intervened and it didn’t allow me to do anything drastic or cheap or anything that I would eventually regret (I hate bickering with people most of the time I just shut up).

It’s not that I’m happy with the unfortunate things that happen with people, I’m not mean but sometimes it makes you think. This whole ordeal made me think and melt my anger away. It simply made me realize that revenge would not get anyone anywhere. So now, it’s as if that all my complaints about other people just melted away.

I’ve also contemplated about my own actions. Now I think carefully before I do anything or say anything..

I don’t want the boomerang called karma to hit me in the head.