the truth about the jock and the geek. ya it’s another one of those.


She was never fond of jocks.

She preferred guys who talked about getting out of high school: would be lawyers, doctors, scientists and the list goes on.

However, when she met this one, there was something about him that made her stop for awhile. He was a jock and from the moment she saw him in aisle 15, she wondered what it would be like if they went to college together.

It was one of those scenes seen in the movies she loved, she always saw him as this bright and shining jock while she was the geek who spent tremendous amount of hours in the library or her nose buried in a book. Although she would never admit it to everyone, she silently hoped that they did go to school together.

She often asked herself where the fantasy came from, maybe it was because he reminded her so much of her dad and he wasn’t ashamed to share his faith.

But all of these things were simply things she picked up, she was a geek and never initiated conversations with guys from the popular scene. Five years out of high school and she still felt like the outsider. He dated prom kings while she was destined to date Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

It’s always nice to think of yourself as the exception and not the rule, but this is rarely the case and as these stories go, the jocks never fall for the geek. They simply date the prom queen while she hides behind book shelves. 

It’s a good idea, a good story. 

But it’s also not reality.

A good what if, but nothing else.