What Are You Holding on to Today?


I’m a planner and pretty much a control freak. Most of my days are comprised of carefully planned schedules and a tasks of things to do, even the things that I actually enjoy doing are also pencilled in.
A big believer of delayed gratification, my daily tasks are often lined up and after all are done, I allow myself to take some time off to do something that is actually enjoyable.
Being a planner basically means that I am hundred percent control freak. I don’t just have a plan A, on most days, I reach plan Z without even seeing how effective plan A. It is just in my nature to know what I want and take the necessary steps to secure it.
However, as I have developed a conscious walk with Jesus, I have realized that on most days, things don’t really go as planned and just like those days where everything goes wrong and yet ends up right, life rarely goes the way that we plan it to be.
My life has truly taken a different direction from where I wanted it to be five years ago. My 18 year old self may be having a slight panic attack if she was allowed to preview what my life is like today, however I am not complaining.
This is exactly where God wants me to be and I must stop trying to resist Him. I am blessed with so many beautiful things, things that I wouldn’t have if I insisted on doing it my way.
God has great things planned for you, in a verse quoted so many times, He has promised that His plans for us is to prosper us and not to harm us, so whatever it is you’re facing and whether or not it is what you want, believe that God has his eye on you and He has no plans of ever letting you go. So hold on to Him and hold on to His goodness, He loves you.
Because it is only when we let go of the things that we think are the best for us can God sweep in and actually lead us to His best.