There area million and one things that most of us humans deal with everyday. Some mundane and significant, others so trivial that we tend to appreciate how easy it is to resolve them.

These are the things that I must resolve in my life right now:
– My battle with my own insecurities.
– My lack of trust in people close to me
– My lack of faith in myself
– Little annoyances that pile up to be MAJOR things (no thanks to my emo nature)
– “MYSELF” in general

I’M NOT PERFECT and I DON’T EVEN TRY TO BE. I make mistakes and I say things that I shouldn’t have said due to my big mouth. I’m just simply at the point in my life wherein I want to get out of the personality defect and just GROW UP. The ONE THING that I MUST take control of are my emotions-the weakest part of who I am now. I should learn to grow a thicker skin and have faith in MY GOD. I may not have confidence in myself, but I want to allow the Lord’s confidence to reign in me.

There are still parts of me that the Lord needs to work on and He’s using my current situations just so He could get the message through me. It’s a difficult task and not something that would simply happen overnight. It’s going to be a journey and now way is it easy. But I have a MIGHTY GOD! He will offer me deliverance through these difficult times and I would emerge a better child of God!

“Greater is He who is in me that he who is in the world”