what’s up with me now


1) I’m sick right now. It must be some virus lurking around because all my friends have it too.
2) I haven’t given up coffee. That is the one thing that I CANNOT give up-ever!
3) According to my dad, I am becoming irrationally masungit. I don’t get it though, I’m just not a morning person since I do a million and one things and I want them all to be done before my eleven forty five class on mondays and tuesdays. Being a dumb oc has its disadvantages.
4) I miss basketball. I seriously do. I miss cheering and red bull is in the finals again. Tell me where the justice in that is?!
5) Accounting sucks but i have to work on it more. But that’s alright. Its a challenge.
6) I have ZERO crushes. I swear, its like the first time in 6 months that I don’t find anyone cute or appealing. Maybe, I’ve been burned by arrogant and rude guys too much. barney still rules though.
7) I’m turning 18 in a week… but it feels like i’m just turning 13. I’m not a girl, not yet a woman. Eewww.
8) Inasmuch as I hate to admit it, I believe that I am evolving and I’m changing. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, I hope it is. Its just that I’m finally more comfortable with who I am and more carefree. I think i’m over the people pleasing stage. Boy am I glad.
9) I guess my dad’s right. I am being irrationally masungit, only because suddenly all the schoolwork is piled up. Its annoying, one week nothing to do, the next they bombard you with a million and one things. boo.
10) I’m less critical.. of myself and everyone else.
11) I’m in my law class right now and I can’t see what the teacher is writing on the stupid white board from where I am seated. Garr.
12) Accomplishing one accounting worksheet takes 1 hour and a half for me. Can you say UHOH?
13) my sister and i get along and i LOVE it.
14) it sucks that my youngest brother is more mature and taller than i am.
15) i miss my kuya.
16) guys are jerks. ARROGANT jerks. boo.
17) sam milby’s cute. i like him. haha
18) shit, i don’t believe i just said that. that is such a cliche so much for being an individualist.
19) i have to find time to read hypocrite in a pouffy white dress. it looks so good.
20) maybe…just maybe.i no longer believe in destiny anymore.