and i HUMILIATE myself even more


Since my sister’s here, we introduce her to a lot of people and take her to a lot of places. And one of the people that we introduced her to today is my my parents’ “kumare” (what a filipino term huh?!). Apparently, she’s a director… to make the long story short, i met sam milby. I really didn’t make sucha big deal out of it until I was face to face with him. And right there and then my heart melted and the world stopped.

Embarassing as it may sound (i am going to hang myself after this entry) I was STARSTRUCK! Ain’t that tad too embarassing to admit? BUT he’s so pretty…LOOK.

he was SO nice and so pretty. i’m in LOVE. really i am. heehee. this was actually a group picture but since we were next to each other, i had to crop it. haha. embarassing noh?
me gushing over mr. big brother.

now that i confessed my ETERNAL kabaduyan with the world, i can go hang myself:)