little ms geekifus no more?


I promised myself when I got up this morning that I would take so many pictures my phone would just scream “STOP”. That’s what i told myself this morning but its around eight o’clock pm already and I just realized that I only took a total of four pictures. SO much for so much. haha:-)

Before I begin, look at this. Cool huh? its like the first time that i had my nails done that wasn’t in the color of platinum or beige-y. My mom always chose the color for me, but THANKS to my ate, I got this color. Cute noh?

I’ve just been having so much fun since my ate got here. You see when I visited her about three years ago, we really didn’t get along that well yet. It was one of those sister things but now i’m so surprised we get along so well and i just realized how much fun it would be if she just lived her permanently or vice versa. She’s actually teaching me how to dress up less geekee (another word I made up haha) and be a little more carefree about life. And we don’t just talk about clothes, make up and shoes, we talk about LIFE. And its amazing to think that we share a lot of things in common and we go through the same shitty stuff. Oh and now I know another person who is as addicted to starbucks as I am. 🙂