its more than just a keane song


Sometimes, I just don’t understand myself. I know I’m moody but that doesn’t make me heartless. Infact, most of the time,I’m too caught up taking care of other people’s feelings that I forget about my own. Maybe its just my sleepy state and i’m not sure if these feelings or thoughts are even worth validating but ill write them down anyway (that’s what this site is for anyway,right?).

Everyone’s changing and I’m getting left behind OR

everyone’s evolving together EXCEPT ME.

I’m probably caught up in my own way of growing up or im just too self absorbed to realize that everyone else is doing something else. Its kindda confusing but I’M PISSED. I always get left behind, its not even funny anymore.

“sometimes i wish i could be a little kid again, so when life gets tough you can play pretend.. i wanna go back to when santa did exist. when daddy was the only boy you ever kissed. when disney world was the best place to be. when the only movies you watched were rated G. when your biggest problem was learning to write your name and people didn`t change and all your friends were the same. and everytime you were sad or you had a bad day you could just run to mommy and it would all be okay. when the best place to shop was toys R us. when it was just scary to ride the bus. before you ever had a broken heart and pain of being in love just didn`tstart. i wanna go back to no hurt and no pain. just laughter AND WHEN EVERY0NE LiVES HAPPiLY EVER AFTER”