“Do you ever regret believing the best in people?”

Elizabeth Gilbert was once quoted saying that she has often been a victim of her own optimism and for years, I’ve held on to this quote. You see I have this Tinkerbell mentality that everyone you meet is a good person. Don’t get me wrong, when I was younger, cynical, and wore black all the time, I used to think the worst in people but through the years (and through God’s grace) I have learned to see that people are the way they are for a reason. I don’t think anyone gets out of bed in the morning thinking hmm, I want to be a bad person. People because of their hurts, past experiences, and inner demons tend to be the way they are for a reason. We are quick to judge thinking the world revolves around us and we are quick to retreat when we’re hurt, but in truth, some things have nothing to do with us.

A quote by Pastor Ariel Marquez says, If you are easily irritated or short-tempered with other people, you have to face the fact that you’re self-centered. Remember that your feelings are not the most important things in the world.”
So it just means that sometimes people can’t pay you attention or leave because of reasons other than your own. I guess it’s safe to say that this blog entry is a follow up to my last one but I’m assured everyday that this is a good way to look at people, especially those who have hurt us. More often than not, people (especially those who care for us) are not out to break our hearts, they just have their own stuff that they can’t seem to get through and we have to respect that. We have to accept also that walking away from you has more to do with them than with us and we shouldn’t berate them for that. Give them that freedom, don’t judge them (I’m still learning this), and believe the best for them. Pray that they get over all of their junk so that they can finally be happy and sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to realize that sometimes that happiness has nothing to do with you. And that’s okay because it doesn’t take anything away from you, it just frees up space for the people who’s meant to stay. The wheel of life isn’t cruel, just ask John Mayer.

So to answer that question, no, I don’t regret believing the best in people even if more often than not, I do end up disappointed. Because I know that believing the best in people may be what they need to truly discover that they are indeed good and that’s is worth the risk and often times, even the pain.

Nothing good is ever wasted.