When Was The Last Time You Felt Alive?


A few months ago, I was content, I was happy and all the aspects of my life were good.

Then the whole world shook—everything that I’ve based my life’s pride and happiness on was gone.

So I learned two things:

A) My life’s definition of happiness was pretty shallow

B) Yes, it broke me but it made me feel alive because for the first time in ages, I wasn’t lax and I felt something REAL.

-This being said, I’m probably a sucker for pain because it revives me in a way nothing else can so if you’ll ask me if I’ll trade this kind of feeling to get whatever I lost back, I’d be quick to say no.

Someone asked me this yesterday: If there’s one thing you learned about love that you’d like to share?

Answer: “It’s always always worth it. There will be tears and there will be that one love that will pierce your heart but it strengthens you for the love that’s going to stay. The love that changes your life will break you but the love that heals you is very much worth the pain.”

So, what’s your take on it?